“Pondry’s Standard Policies for Professional Services”

These are some guidelines around how we do business


Pondry is a professional services company. Everything we do is service-base, and focused on the best solution for the client. When a company engages with Pondry, they are seeking the knowledge, experience and skills that Pondry offers in order to provide them with the best results possible. For this reason, Pondry bills for their time spent, at a rate equivalent to the value of that time.


Our standard method of billing is electronic, via email. Unless requested, hard-copies (the tree-killing kind) will not be sent. Invoices can be viewed online, or downloaded in PDF format directly from the email received. For additional recipients to be added, please Contact us.

After an invoice is issued, Pondry expects the following:

  • Questions or disputes with all or part of an invoice must be addressed within 10 days of receipt of the invoice via email.
  • At 20 days from the date of the invoice it will be considered approved, and payment due.
  • Invoices not be paid within 30 days of the date on the invoice will be considered past due (see Collections).


Pondry encourages quick and open communication. If there are ever billing questions please Contact us at 360-428-5056.


Tell us if there's a problem paying an invoice right away, before we are forced to get Collections involved. If Pondry is put in that predicament, the client is responsible for any additional fees (legal or otherwise) incurred.


Pondry will contract with individuals, firms, agencies and businesses in order to compile the most effective resources for the specific project or initiative being executed for the client. We only work with reputable, legal entities or individuals with whom there are long-standing business relationships.

Contracts & Agreements

Upon engaging with Pondry, agreements, contracts, and the like will be written between the both parties. We don't just do this for protection, but for clarity. It builds trust when everyone knows what to expect, and when we know there is commitment. These standard policies written here are not intended to replace any contracts or agreements.