“Hybrid Web Applications”

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Hybrid Web Applications

Incoming information management work-flow

Breaking the flow when you’re in the middle of getting stuff done is not only a nuisance at the time, but if it’s happening over and over it begins to drag down your morale, productivity begins to suffer as a result, and effects the bottom line quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you work in service, production, operations, management, or whatever, if you can’t do your job effectively and new things are getting pushed on you that break your work-flow you get bogged down. It’s imperative to constantly be refining and redefining your company’s work-flow’s for optimum efficiency.

New software tools are not always the answer, but better tools are.

For example. If the current work flow is to use email for all communication in the office, and you would like to introduce a task management system, then find a way to introduce it first through email tools. Contained within the emails are links to the intranet site where the tasks can be assigned, accepted, marked complete, etc. Have the intranet auto-logging so the people don’t need to remember yet another password. Over time people get used to using the intranet, and new tools can be introduced there.

You can see how this could, over time, include an iPhone or Android app for people on the field to interact with the same system, and then a public facing Website can provide customers with the ability to log in and see the status of their request. The possibilities become virtually endless.

The main idea is to find out what will fit into current workflows to make them more effecient without breaking them up.  This is where hybrid apps are the key.  More effecient doesn’t always mean the task takes less time.  The ability to stay mentally focused is most critical, and adding new tools to increase productivity can be more disruptive mentally then they are good. Building or finding applications, tools or software that fit the current workflow and then refine it “on the go” has been the answer we’ve found time and time again.

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