“Web Strategy While Scrutinizing Spending”

Jon Pederson by Jon Pederson 2.17.2009 care to comment?

Web Strategy While Scrutinizing Spending

I can’t believe how many times I hear people talking about how they are going to change where, and how they spend their money, yet do little about it.  They are aware of the waste that is going on, talk about reducing it, but then when it really comes time to do something about it their response is something like, “Well, it’s been working this long.  Let just leave it alone.” or “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

These are valid arguments, but too often they are the case put forth by people who simply don’t have the time to find out if it could be working better, and even though it’s been working for a long time is it working effectively and efficiently?

I recently had someone say to me, “the number of people coming to our [Web]site just keeps increasing, let’s not do anything to the site.” On the surface it seemed like a valid argument, but my issue with it was that this person had no analysis of the “people coming.”  How did we not know that the number of people coming shouldn’t be ten times what it was, and what do we know about these people when they get to the Website?  Are they finding the information they need? Are they taking the action we want them to?

My goal, and role, at Pondry is to help clients find solutions that are effective and successful, while continuing to be profitable.  I’m a firm believer in scrutinizing spending, but to do that right you must put smart people around you so you don’t just redirect that spending to another ineffective Web strategy.

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