“Installing an Ad Hoc iPhone / iPod Touch Application”

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Installing an Ad Hoc iPhone / iPod Touch Application

Are you friends with an iPhone developer? Have you been conned into testing the ultimate fart app? Well you’ve probably ended up with two files in your email that you have no idea what to do with. Here’s how to get in on all the farty goodness:

  1. You should have received two files, if they are zipped up you should unzip them and end up with a file with a .app extension and a file with a .mobileprovision extension:



  2. Next you’ll want to drag these two files to the iTunes icon in your dock

    Drag files to iTunes

  3. You may be asked to overwrite the application if it has been installed before, but if not you’ll get no prompt that you were successful.
  4. You can check if you were successful by selecting ‘Applications’ in the iTunes sidebar and making sure the app is there.
  5. Once you have confirmed that the application is in iTunes, plug in your iPhone / iPod Touch and click sync (if you manually manage your applications you may have to make sure the checkbox beside the newly added application is checked). Once the sync is complete you should have a fully functioning Ad Hoc application on your device!


If iTunes has trouble installing the application, it’s probably because the developer did not install your UDID properly in the .mobileprovision certificate.
If you’re having trouble launching the application on your device, it may be because the application was accidentally compiled for the iPhone Simulator or for a different iPhone OS than you have installed on your device.

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