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Allen Hartwig Allen Hartwig, Digital Strategist, and Business Development

Brand Bombardment

Brands are blasted into our lives every day. We see billboards, commercials, magazine ads, web ads, spam, etc and we identity it quickly and appropriately file it in our brains. However, brand bombardment is much more omni-present than our conscious may realize.
Below is an episode of the Jay Leno Show boiled down to just [...]

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Right

It seems ten years ago companies were having the CMO’s nephew design their website; Before that it was the CEO’s son advising him on his next laptop purchase. The way of conducting business evolved and rather than seeking out experts, they deferred to those utilizing the new technology that they knew. Unfortunately, who they knew [...]

Choosing A Cloud Agency

Business is a simple game of dollars and cents, taking calculated risks with the hope that the profits exceed the losses. Every decision executed, purchase made, employee acquired, marketing effort made is a risk. As any successful business owner knows, the best way to minimize theses various risks is to surround himself with experts of [...]