“Choosing A Cloud Agency”

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Choosing A Cloud Agency

Business is a simple game of dollars and cents, taking calculated risks with the hope that the profits exceed the losses. Every decision executed, purchase made, employee acquired, marketing effort made is a risk. As any successful business owner knows, the best way to minimize theses various risks is to surround himself with experts of the various facets of business.

When it comes to cloud based solutions it can be a very difficult decision making process when selecting a vendor. One of the most glaring complexity of this decision is the fact that the web spans so many aspects of business, from marketing to operations , from sales to customer support, from advertising to accounting.

Depending on your company’s needs, the cloud may be viewed as a commodity product or the foundation for everything you do. If the need is simply a brochure-like presence on the web, choosing a firm to execute its creation may carry the same risk as choosing which vendor to purchase toilet paper from. For those who wish truly leverage the power of the cloud, streamline their systems and processes, maximize their advertising budget, effectively market themselves to a worldwide audience, minimizing overhead and maximize profits the risk is compounded greatly.

How then do you minimize this risk as much as possible ensuring your investment will pay dividends? Simple — surround yourself with experts. There are so many agencies out there that execute cloud based solutions well. But that is their flaw, they only can execute. At Pondry we have formed a team of experts that not only have a deep understanding of the cloud, but are knowledgeable in all areas of business with rich backgrounds spanning multiple verticals.

Our goal is to develop cloud solutions for your organization that minimize your risk. We strive to familiarize ourself with all aspects of your company and then come to the table with means to more effectively manage and market your business, providing ROI projections on proposed projects and then executing their development in a future-aware fashion that secures the end product as a valuable, long term asset to your company.

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