The Cloud Agency. Pondry is…

“Your Results-Based
Digital Solutions Partner”

Jon Pederson

“Having the chance to work with a client, see their needs and opportunities, and then experience the success of an effectively created solution on the web is something I will never tire from doing.” – Jon Pederson, Founder

Pondry engages on a deeper level. We take a different approach. Everything we do starts with this truth: Our clients are our partners;
Their success is our obsession.

Pondry aligns alongside the companies we work with, ingraining ourselves deep into their businesses, producing an ever–evolving digital strategy that delivers impressive results.

Industries We Love

  • Manufacturing
  • Entertainment
  • Public Utilities
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Gaming
  • Hospitality
  • Finance

Your challenges, objectives, goals, opportunities and customers become as intimate to us as they are you. Bringing over a decade of digital solutions experience to the table, we are able to form a holistic, open relationship with your organization to execute an ongoing strategy that focuses on long-term success, utilizing innovative, experiential initiatives.

There is no unified approach that we take to our clients. We have no product; No predefined course of action. Pondry is an agile, creative, results–oriented team of technology-savvy problem solvers. We strive to elevate the way our client's staff, customers and prospects interact with them.

Pondry is in the business of delivering meaningful returns that are continuously analyzed, tested, refined and improved, rapidly evolving with technology, your industry and the needs and expectations of your customers. Ideas executed into results: this is what we do.